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  • PewPew Gaming
  • Team Location:South Africa
  • Founded:2010
  • Games Played:Counter Strike: Global Offensive,
Pew might not have been founded by a group of friends, but it is built on a foundation of them. Likeminded individuals that are bound by honour, respect and a code of ethics that is respected and revered by friends and opponents alike. It is one of the longest standing names that has gone through all kinds of changes and challenges and endures despite it all. Every person that wears the Pew tag is immediately identified as a person of skill and integrity, that carries the tag with pride and is honourbound to do the best they can for Pew. More recently PewPew Gaming had two teams competing at the Battlefield 4 Do Gaming Championship at the rAge expo in 2015. Both these teams will also be competing in the Premier Division for Battlefield 4 in 2016.


  • 1 - 2016/03/28
  • 2 - 2016/03/28

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